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Non-surgical TMJ Treatment in Turlock – Eggleston Dental Care

Does your jaw pop? Do you have jaw pain or frequent headaches? Does your jaw lock in a certain position? Are your teeth worn unnecessarily? Are your teeth chipping and breaking? These can all be signs that you’re experiencing TMJ disorder. The misalignment of your jaw can cause many systemic symptoms and in most cases can cause long-lasting damage to your mouth.

Some dentists just mask the symptoms of a TMJ disorder by treating the pain and discomfort with a night guard. By contrast, the team at our Turlock dental care office treats the actual cause of the TMJ disorder, not just the symptoms of the TMJ disorder.

Bite splint therapy is the beginning of a non-surgical approach to realigning your jaw for proper health and function. Proper jaw alignment will reduce undue wear on your teeth, keep your teeth from breaking and chipping, and relieve headaches and jaw and neck pain. Bite splint therapy is designed to treat and fix the problem, not just the symptoms. With his extensive training in all aspects of dentistry, Dr. Jim Egglestonunderstands the necessity of achieving proper jaw function with all of the cosmetic enhancements, dental restorations, and implant placements he performs.

In the past, only surgical options were available to many of our patients with TMJ disorders, which can be expensive, cause pain, and require time off from work and wiring of the jaw. Today, non-surgical bite splint therapy is a life-changing option. Dr. Eggleston’s formal training in non-surgical TMJ treatment at the Pankey Institute in Florida has allowed him to give back to his patients the vibrant lives they have missed for years due to their severe TMJ pain and discomfort.

For more information on TMJ disorders and other dental health matters, contact our Turlock cosmetic and implant dentistry office today. Read our FAQs to answer any questions you might have about TMJ treatment.

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  • I am completely pleased with my visit. I have extreme anxiety with having to visit the dentist and your team was really understanding. I did not feel embarrassed but very taken care of with compassion and gentleness.

    Rosemary L.
  • Seeing me at the last moment at the end of the day then staying late and working on one last costumer for almost two hours I would say that they all exceeded my expectations as a regular dentist office.

    Thomas H.
  • I was impressed how detailed my hygienist is and she did a great job w/o any pain. the dentist is a kind guy and we really appreciate the care he has done for me and even our kids! they had nothing but praises about the experience and weren’t afraid at all.

    Shelly W.
  • I would like to thank Dr. Eggleston for getting back to me over the weekend and taking care of my issue on Monday morning!!!! Staff is always so pleasant and Dr. Eggleston well he is pretty good himself. THANK U EVERYONE!!! I am not toothless anymore!

    Lorena O.
  • Everyone was friendly and professional. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease the entire time. Great atmosphere and my comfort was always a concern by each person that was involved in my treatment

    Greg V.