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Welcome to Eggleston Dental Care, where we provide a range of cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry to residents throughout the Turlock and central California area. Dr. Eggleston and his team of dental professionals put the needs of the patients above all else, and stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques for exceptional dental care.


Our Philosophy

Dr. Eggleston, will take the time to carefully listen to your questions and explain all aspects of your cosmetic and implant dentistry options. We provide a high degree of personalized attention that will certainly exceed your expectations and a high level of service unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Additionally, we employ all the latest dental advances, including drill-less cavity preparation, one-visit dental crowns, smile design and smile makeovers, implant dentistry, non-surgical TMJ treatment, low-radiation digital x-rays and the highest level of sterilization available.

Once you arrive at Eggleston Dental Care, you won’t want or need to leave. You can receive your complete cosmetic, implant, bone grafting, and general care right here in our comfortable facility. All of your procedures, whether they be cosmetic, implant dentistry, or general care treatments, are performed with the expertise needed to help you obtain optimum beauty, health, and function for your teeth and gums.

Experience the difference of truly personalized, pampering, and advanced dental care! Schedule an appointment at Eggleston Dental Care today!

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Continuing Education and Training

We are proud that the members of our team continually meet and surpass the necessary continuing educational requirements for the State of California. Not only do Dr. Eggleston, his assistants, and his hygienists exceed these continuing education requirements in advanced techniques, sterilization, and HIPAA and OSHA compliances, but our administrative team has been trained in all aspects of our procedures as well. This allows the whole Eggleston Dental Care team to be on the same page and share the same understanding of the practice goals. It also enables the entire team to discuss treatment processes and functions, and it helps our patients feel comfortable in the knowledge that we have all been highly trained and are qualified in all aspects of the procedures we provide.

While our team upholds our commitment to continuing education, we also provide a vital service to other dental care practices throughout California by providing training. We provide cosmetic and implant training to further the continuing education of other practices, allowing them to offer their patients life-changing dentistry.

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At Eggleston Dental Care we adhere to and exceed the requirements for sanitation and privacy stipulated by OSHA and HIPAA regulations. We understand the importance of each of these requirements, and we maintain the same respect for them that we, ourselves, would want in the healthcare facilities that we visit.

However, in order to maintain these higher standards, we must rely on your patience and compliancy with our office protocols. We truly appreciate your compliance and understanding.

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Sit Back and Relax!

Our two main goals to our patients are providing the highest level of care possible and providing that care in the most comfortable manner possible. We offer many amenities for your comfort, including warm blankets, ergonomic pillows, relaxing music, and protective glasses that keep the glare from bright lights to a minimum. We also offer bottled water and snacks for patients with special dietary needs. A complimentary phone is available for you to use while you are patiently waiting for your scheduled visit, in addition to warm facial cloths and, of course, our patients’ favorite: the post-treatment facial massage.

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Location and Contact Information

Eggleston Dental Care is conveniently located in Central California, in Turlock, at 2053 Geer Road. Our phone number is (209) 634-5871, and our fax number is (209) 554-8341. You may also send us an email at info@egglestondentalcare.com. Our team is always available and happy to take your calls. Contact our Turlock cosmetic and implant dentistry practice today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our practice.

Map and Directions

Turlock is located right off Highway 99, making it an easy drive for all of our patients who commute from Fresno to Sacramento. Our office is close to many major airports, providing easy transportation options for our out-of-state patients or those traveling more than two hours to visit us. If you need travel and lodging information for our area, please feel free to contact our office and our team will provide you with all information needed.

Personal Pampering

Experience dental care like never before with personal pampering! What can we do to make your dental experience the most comfortable and relaxing one you’ve ever had? How about a relaxing facial massage after your visit? Dental care, as comfortable as we can make it, can still make our jaw muscles tired and tense, but a relaxing facial massage will alleviate any tension in your jaw muscles.

Does our office feel a bit chilly? Due to some of the procedures that we provide, it is imperative that the temperature be kept cool, but we have comfortable, cozy blankets and neck pillows available if needed.

We offer bottled water, soothing music, and snacks for those with special dietary needs. Most importantly, we continually check with our patients throughout their visits to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

Patient Education

Education is key to providing our patients with the ultimate in dental care. When you, as a patient, are thoroughly informed about your treatment options, procedures, and follow-up care, you have been empowered to make educated choices about your dental care. We will always be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. When we as people have been educated on any subject, we acquire a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that we can take an active, productive part in our own care.


Professional Education and Mentoring

Dr. Eggleston
 has extensive training and experience in the fields of cosmetic and implant dentistry. As part of our commitment to overall care, he provides our patients with the latest information about procedures, products, and dental health issues. He also offers seminars about dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to people in the community who may be interested in these subjects but are not ready to make an appointment. Dr. Eggleston also shares his knowledge with other dentists, regularly lecturing, instructing, and mentoring others in the fields of implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Financial Coordination

The beautiful, new smile of your dreams may be easier to acquire than you might think. We offer flexible financing options that can fit your personal needs and payment preferences. Our financing partners, Capitol One® and CareCredit®, offer the lowest interest rates available for dental care.

You can apply online or directly from our office. Making your dental care affordable and comfortable for your pocketbook is just another way we strive to provide you with the utmost in dental care services. Our highly trained treatment coordinators will work with you throughout your personalized treatment plan to make financing your dental care affordable and cost-effective. They will offer tips and resources for learning about creative financing options.


At Eggleston Dental Care, we understand that you may just want to have a quick consultation with the dentist before making any major commitments, whether you are contemplating a large investment in your new smile or you just want to educate yourself on the options available for your care. We always welcome the chance to conduct consultations. They are a great way for us to share with you our philosophy on dentistry, get to know you, and offer you a chance to get to know us. Most of all it gives us a chance to wow you! Contact our Turlock cosmetic and implant dentistry office to schedule your consultation today!

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