Do you have issues with your jaw? Are you feeling pain and stiffness in your jaw, head, and neck? If so, then you might be suffering from temporomandibular disorder, called TMJ or TMD. This can be a very serious condition that affects more than just your dental health. It is important to learn about the following TMJ treatment FAQs and to learn more about the condition. If you think you are suffering, you will need to make sure that you speak with a TMJ treatment specialist right away.

What Are Some of the Signs and Symptoms of TMJ?

Some of the other signs and symptoms that you might be suffering include ear congestion, clicking or popping in your jaw, ringing in the ears, worn down teeth, grinding, loose teeth, and tingling in the fingers. Some might find that they are limited in their ability to open their mouth. This type of condition does not tend to just go away on its own. You will need to contact a TMJ treatment specialist.

What Are the Causes of TMJ?

Before you can get treatment, it helps to know the cause of your TMJ. This condition has multiple potential causes, and the dental professionals will want to narrow down the causes to find what your main problem might be. Some of the common causes of TMJ include accidents, grinding your teeth, biting pens and pencils, a poorly aligned spine, stress, nutritional imbalance, and infections. These are just some of the causes.

What Are the Treatment Options?

One of the first treatments the dentist is likely to try is to provide you with an orthotic device that you can wear over your teeth at night to help keep a healthy bite position for your mouth. This can also help to stop grinding. It can help to reduce the symptoms. In some cases, surgery could be an option.

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