TMJ or TMD is a condition that causes jaw pain and stiffness, and can possibly even cause your jaw to “lock” into place. This can have an impact on your health, your self confidence, and your overall wellbeing. The symptoms will only get worse if left untreated, which is why it’s important to seek out a TMJ treatment specialist in Turlock. As one of your preferred dentists in the city, we know that the benefits of TMJ treatment can help you improve your entire health and wellbeing.

TMJ Treatment is Not Always Invasive

While some patients may need advanced oral surgery to correct TMJ, that is usually a last resort. Most people who experience TMJ will find that one of the top benefits of TMJ treatment is that is non-invasive. In many cases, medication can help relieve the pain and swelling, while lifestyle changes to reduce stress and maintain better oral health are all that is needed to correct TMJ, also known as TMD.

TMJ Treatments Can Fix the Issue for Good

However, if medication and lifestyles changes are not helping, there is more that can be done by your TMJ treatment specialist. If you are seeking a dentist in Turlock who can correct your TMJ or TMD once and for all, there are more in-depth procedures that can be explored. Oral splints can be used to help correct and retrain jaw muscles, while corrective jaw surgery can root out the problem and ensure that your TMJ treatment is successful.

TMJ Treatment Protects More than Just Your Teeth

TMJ treatments can also help you protect your ears, because the jaw muscles can have an impact on the muscles of your ears. It can also help get rid of headaches, neck pain, and more. Enjoy eating again without pain, and improve your overall health by getting better sleep, eating healthier foods, and improving your mood.

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