Temporomandibular joint disorder, also called TMD or TMJ, is a serious problem across the globe, but its signs and symptoms may be much different than you think. We tend to associate some of the more common dental problems with TMJ, and we want to help debunk these myths to give you a real understanding of this disorder. Our dentists in Turlock provide some of the most popular misconceptions about TMJ, allowing you to decide whether you need TMJ treatment for your mouth.

Jaw Pain = TMJ

Just because a patient is experiencing pain in their jaw when they chew or talk doesn’t necessarily mean they have TMD. Jaw pain can come from a variety of physical ailments, including gum soreness, teeth grinding, and more. Visit our dentists in Turlock to help identify the source of your jaw pain to determine if you are suffering from TMD.

Hearing Clicks in the Jaw = TMJ

People with TMD hear clicks and pops in their jaws – but not everyone who hears clicks and pops has TMD. One of the biggest misconceptions about TMJ is that everyone’s symptoms are the same. While jaw popping and clicking is a common symptom, it alone does not diagnose the disorder.

TMJ Leads to Headaches

While headaches and migraines can be caused due to tension in the jaw joint, this doesn’t necessarily lead to TMJ. A common misconception about TMJ is that the head, neck, and ears are always affected by the disorder.

Surgery Is the Only Treatment Option

There are several treatment options for TMD other than surgery. While surgery can help correct a misaligned jaw and fix the temporomandibular joint from popping, there are other relief solutions as well. Consult a TMJ treatment specialist to find out more.

Schedule a TMJ Consultation Today!

After reading our misconceptions about TMJ, you will hopefully have a better idea of what the disorder is about. If you are worried about jaw clicking or pain, contact us at Eggleston Dental Care and schedule an appointment to discuss your TMD symptoms. Give us a call at (209) 634-9582 or look through our website to find out more.

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