Have you noticed that you have pain in your jaw and you cannot figure out why? Maybe you have some pain in the muscles around the jaw and even into your neck. One of the potential problems could be TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) also called TMD. Many different things can cause this type of problem, including misaligned teeth and crowded teeth. If you are having issues, you will want to speak with a dentist in Turlock to see if you are a candidate for TMJ treatment, or if it is another issue.

What Is TMJ Treatment?

The goal of this type of treatment is to relieve the tensions in the jaw that are causing the issues in the first place. It is difficult for dentists to always pinpoint the root cause of the TMJ, as there are so many potential causes. However, they can offer treatment to those in need in many cases. One of the options often used is called splint therapy. The splints are custom fitted, which you can wear overnight. You might be a candidate for TMJ treatment of this sort. It can help to readjust your bite and remove stress. If you have the condition because of grinding your teeth, this splint can help, as well.

Getting proper treatment can help to relieve the pain, and it can help to prevent severe damage to your teeth and jaws. Some of the common issues associate with TMD include chronic headages, pain in the jaw, clicking and popping in the jaw, painful chewing and even ringing in your ears. If you have these symptoms, you could be a good candidate for TMJ treatment.

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