The phrase “dental implants” may sound intimidating at first. But in reality, this important restorative dentistry procedure can save your mouth and have you feeling great again. Our dentists in Turlock have compiled the top dental implants facts to help you understand the nature of this important part of implant dentistry.

The Purpose of Dental Implants

One of the most important dental implants facts is the nature of the procedure itself, as well as its purpose. Many patients do not understand what implants dentistry is for, and our dental implants specialist wants you to understand it the most. Dental implants are made as natural-feeling replacements for missing or broken teeth. They can help to restore functionality in the mouth, making it easier, to bite, chew, and smile again.

Dental Implants Are Resistant to Cavities

One of the greatest benefits of dental implants is that they are not prone to contracting cavities. They are made from a dental titanium substance, making your mouth super strong and preventing that area of your mouth from getting cavities. That doesn’t mean you are free from oral hygiene duties though – continue to brush your teeth so that the rest of your mouth stays clean!

Dental Implants Are Highly Successful

Another great fact about dental implants is that they have an over 98% success rate amongst patients across the globe. This is the highest success rate among any restorative dentistry procedure, proving themselves as better tooth replacements than veneers, crowns, bridges, and more.

Dental Implants Last a Lifetime

Many other restorative dentistry features, such as dentures and bridges, do not last forever. Dental implants, however, can last a lifetime. They are permanent implants that are fitted to your jawbone and can provide immense functionality and strength to your mouth.

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