Time and age eventually take their toll on your mouth and teeth. While dentures and bridges are still widely used to replace missing teeth and damaged ones which must be extracted, more people are choosing dental implants as their restorative dentistry treatment of choice. This modern tooth replacement option offers many advantages, and your trusted implant dentist in Turlock will be happy to talk to you about these benefits.

What Is a Dental Implant?

With an implant, you get the same functionality, look, and permanence of your natural tooth. The prosthodontic is comprised of three components – a post, abutment, and crown. Your Turlock dentist will embed the post into the gum line and jawbone, which allows it to fuse with your natural bone to provide a solid fixture for the top portion. The crown is the part of the artificial tooth which sits on top of the gum. This part is fabricated to match your existing teeth, so that you get an attractive look. The abutment connects the crown and the post.

How Sturdy Is an Implant?

Due to the fact that the post is embedded in the jawbone, the tooth can be used the same way you would use any of your natural teeth. You can even eat chewy foods, because you’ve got a permanent foundation anchoring the tooth into your mouth.

Other Benefits

In addition to providing a permanent solution to tooth loss, implant dentistry can also provide other advantages, such as preventing the loss of surrounding teeth. This is a common occurrence with tooth loss due to the “domino effect” because the remaining teeth can shift and become compromised. In addition, loss of jawbone density may also be prevented. The body reacts to the post in the jawbone, causing healing nutrients to resume flow to that area.

The cosmetic benefits of this procedure should not be undervalued – when you have missing teeth, you tend to avoid smiling, and your diet is typically restricted due to trouble chewing. With dental implants you can gain back that self-confidence you’ve lost due to gaps in your mouth, and once again feel like yourself when you flash those pearly whites.

Want to Know More?

Contact our Turlock dental office for more information on how dental implants can restore your mouth’s full function. You don’t have to put up with the side effects of tooth loss. Call us at Eggleston Dental Care today.

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