Our dental team at Eggleston Dental Care in Turlock, CA provides patients with full mouth reconstruction treatment for balancing your oral anatomy and meeting your dental care needs. We offer an extensive list of restorative procedures, including a full mouth reconstruction, which can repair or replace a full set of upper and lower teeth.

A dentist offering these services must be trained in every aspect of dentistry to assess and perform on their patients properly. Along with extensive dental knowledge, including proper jaw and bite function, treatment options, and periodontal health, the dentist must also use their artistic abilities to build both a beautiful and functional smile. Dr. Eggleston possesses both the skills and experience to provide patients with an incredible smile every time.

At Eggleston Dental Care,  we customize the full mouth rehabilitation specifically to address the issues that are affecting your oral health and deliver an enhanced treatment. Undergoing a full mouth reconstruction provides patients with many benefits. Let’s take a look at some so that you can understand how a reconstruction can give you a strong and healthy smile.

Headache and TMJ Relief

Constant headaches and migraines can significantly deteriorate the quality of a person’s life. Jaw clicking and headaches frequently stem from dental issues. An FMR can adjust the overall position of your mouth and surrounding structures. This change helps position the teeth and jaw for an aligned smile, while also improving the mobility and comfort in your head and neck. Patients who suffer from TMJ can also find relief from pain with an FMR as their jaw is aligned to function properly.

Gum Disease

For a strong and lasting smile, your mouth needs a healthy foundation. An FMR corrects any damage to your soft tissue and bones. Through bone grafts, scaling and root planing, your gums and underlying jawbone can be built up which will provide a healthy structure for your teeth.

Bacteria can also spread and deteriorate the gum tissue, which is commonly known as gum disease. If a significant portion of the gums is contaminated, then this infection will further spread to the underlying jaw bone and even cause further tooth loss. An FMR will prevent bacteria from building up and ensure that your gums are healthy.

Tooth Loss

Did you know that tooth loss can cause further issues with your bone tissue, jaw, and even the shape of your face? The daily acts of chewing, drinking, and talking, exercise your jaw and strengthen the bone. This daily oral work out also stimulates tissue regeneration in the jawbone, which repairs and strengths itself.

If you have missing teeth, then these surfaces may no longer experience the constant stimulation and in turn, will stop repairing the surrounding tissue. Without the regeneration, the surrounding tissue and bone may deteriorate, which is why it’s important to maintain.

In some cases, patients allow this jaw deterioration to persist by never replacing missing teeth. In addition to negatively impacting your smile, missing teeth also cause the shape of your face to change, including sagging and wrinkling skin around the jawline.

Oral Health

An FMR can improve your overall oral health. Your likelihood of having issues such as gingivitis, decayed teeth, plaque build up and periodontitis decreases through the preventative and restorative options. With aligned teeth and jaw, you can prevent bacteria buildup, which can spread to the rest of your body and bloodstream. Your oral structure becomes stronger, healthier, and improves your quality of life.  

There are many ways to treat tooth decay, and not all of them involves invasive procedures. For limited amounts of damage, then natural-looking porcelain made fillings can replace the tissue and teeth.

These tooth-colored fillings are more attractive and less noticeable than their silver counterparts. For more extensive cases towards the pulp of the tooth, root canal therapy may be chosen instead, and then matched with tooth-colored fillings or replacements.

Confidence and Smile

Some people take for granted their ability to flash a smile anytime they please. Not everyone has the confidence to show off their teeth. This can leave them constantly feeling insecure when opening their mouths.

Crooked and misaligned teeth are a source of pain and risk for gum disease. They can also be unsightly as well. By correcting your bite and teeth with braces, porcelain veneers, or Invisalign, your smile will be perfect and healthier.

FMR can also include correcting the color so that all of your teeth are matching. A mouth full of straight, bright teeth will leave anyone feeling confident enough to smile and flaunt their pearly whites.  

General Health

Most people don’t realize how much their oral health impacts their general health. Issues related to your teeth, gums, and jaw can cause great pain, which lowers your physical and mental being.

A toothache can disrupt your sleep and concentration, leaving you feeling tired and even depressed. This grogginess also means you have less energy and drive to stay active. Good oral health can improve your sleep, focus, and even help you lose weight!

Lastly, those who undergo an FMR experience a better quality of life. They don’t have to worry about any pains, illnesses, or cosmetic issues. Overall, patients have an improved feeling of well being and happiness in their lives.

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People often avoid fixing their teeth because of the costs and difficulty in finding a reliable dentist. Let our team at Eggleston Dental Care relieve these worries. We can create plan for full mouth reconstruction tailored to your needs.

A full mouth reconstruction can help protect your oral health by thoroughly treating the many issues that can impact your dental well-being, such as gum disease, TMJ, tooth loss and decay, and extensively damaged teeth. If you want to bring both the shine and confidence out in your smile, then consider consulting us at Eggleston Dental Care about a full mouth reconstruction, and find out how we can help you.

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