Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures, a dental crown is a complete cap that covers the entire tooth, creating a seal that protects your tooth from gum line down. This restorative dentistry procedure can not only help your smile look beautiful, it can also help keep your teeth healthy and prevent future decay. As your cosmetic dentist in Turlock, we want to share some of the most important benefits of this procedure.

Dental Crowns Are Custom Made

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are “one size fits all”, which we all know means it does not really work for anyone perfectly. But as dental crowns specialists, we will create a custom mold of your teeth, and send it to a partner lab to have your crown custom made.

Restorative Dentistry Gives You Back Your Smile

If you have stopped smiling so widely over the years due to stained or chipped teeth, or due to gaps that you have always struggled to accept, dental crowns can help you get your youthful confidence back. By helping you create a straight, white, well-spaced smile, dental crowns give you the perfect excuse to smile often.

Dental Crows Are Easy to Create and Place

The benefits of dental crowns include a variety of medical and aesthetic points, but one of the reasons that we love them here in Turlock is how easy they are for you. The procedure to get crowns is non-invasive and does not take long at all. After your crown comes back from the lab, we will attach it with a strong bonding agent, and you are good to go! Enjoy eating, drinking, talking, and smiling like new with very little recovery time. Dental crowns last for many years with proper care, so a few hours of discomfort can offer you up to 30 years of a beautiful smile.

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