Your smile is one of your most important features. It should be something you feel proud of and that adds to your confidence, not detracts from it. If you’re shopping for a cosmetic dentist in Turlock, we can help you get that amazing smile you’ve always wanted. There are a number of different procedures that can help you achieve a winning smile. Our friendly staff will help determine which one is best for you.

Teeth Whitening

You may have straight, healthy teeth, yet simply not be happy with staining or yellowing which mars their appearance. Effective options for discolored teeth may include whitening treatments you take home and do yourself, or in-office sessions administered by our experienced professionals.


This is a form of cosmetic dentistry which fills in unsightly gaps caused by damaged or slightly decayed areas. This is a great option if you’re seeking a dentist in Turlock who can provide you with a lasting treatment that improves your teeth’s overall appearance.


Veneers offer you an opportunity to correct the look of broken or irregularly shaped teeth via a layer of porcelain or special plastic material. Veneers are stronger than bonding, and can last for many years.


Sometimes a more extensive cosmetic dentistry treatment is called for, and implants can meet this need. In this procedure we remove the rotten tooth and replace it with a virtually permanent implant which looks and functions just like your natural teeth.


Implants aren’t for everyone, and in this case a dental bridge can be the ideal alternative. This partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth, with a removable prosthesis.

Tooth Contouring

This cosmetic dental procedure reshapes teeth in order to create a more uniform look. Contouring is a great option if you already have healthy teeth, but are unhappy with the line they create.

Gum Correction

Yes, even your gums can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Whether your gums are too prominent, or you suffer from “long tooth” syndrome, our experienced team can use gum surgery to correct the issue.

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When it comes time for you to visit a cosmetic dentist in Turlock, contact our professional and friendly team at Eggleston Dental Care. We can advise you on the best procedures to give you that dazzling smile, which will improve your confidence as well as your oral health.

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