The summer gives you plenty of opportunities to smile. Warm weather means more fun in the sun at the beach, barbecues, and in the backyard. Keep your smile picture perfect this summertime by scheduling an appointment with a trusted and experienced dentist. The friendly dentists at Eggleston Dental Care will make your summer checkup comfortable and stress-free.

The following are the top six reasons the summer is the perfect season to go for your dental appointment.

It’s Time for a Checkup

With most dentists recommending twice a year checkups, the summer may be the time for your visit. Many adults don’t visit the dentist as often as they should. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only 64 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 64 visit the dentist yearly. Although two visits to the dentist a year is standard, recommendations are adjusted based on your oral health history. More dental checkups may be required if you are a smoker or suffer from diabetes. In 2013, the American Dental Association published findings that supported high-risk patients benefiting from more frequent dental checkups and cleanings. Keep in mind that patients without issues should still continue to visit the dentist regularly.

Going at the start of the summer is a great way to prioritize your oral health. Summertime foods often include acidic foods and snacks high in sugar. Visiting the dentist before barbecue season goes into high gear can be a good reminder of the importance of making healthy decisions about your diet. Foods such as ice cream, fruit smoothies, soft drinks, and adult cocktails can damage the enamel and weaken teeth. With your dentist visit fresh in your mind, you may choose healthier options such as vegetables, water, teas, whole grain breads and crackers, and lean meats.

Convenient Scheduling

Summer schedules are typically more relaxed. With less on our schedules, we have more time to fit in important visits like dental checkups. You may have more availability in the summer too and not require appointment times in the evenings or weekends. Dental offices are likely to be less busy in the summer, especially in June and July. Many families wait until August to schedule back to school appointments and you may find it a challenge to find an ideal time for your visit.

Stop a Problem Before It Starts

Dental emergencies are something everyone wants to avoid. Waking up with a nasty toothache in the middle of the night is never any fun. In many cases, until you are able to make an emergency dental appointment, you won’t find much pain relief. By keeping up with your regular checkups, your dentist will identify any issues and make recommendations on how to treat the condition before it becomes serious. During a dental checkup, the dentist will use x-rays to check for cavities. Dentists also look carefully at the gums during an appointment for signs of gum disease. Your tongue, face, and neck areas are also examined during a dental checkup. Your dentist will be looking for symptoms of certain diseases such as oral cancer, diabetes, and TMJ. If any problems are diagnosed, further testing or treatment will be ordered at the appointment time.  

Fix What’s Broken

You may have done your best to protect your teeth, but your dentist may find a problem during your summertime checkup. However, since the problem was spotted at a regular appointment, you have avoided the dreaded emergency dentist call. Dental work required to fix your teeth may involve sealants, veneers, crowns, and restorations.

Dental work fills many people with anxiety, but as long as you choose a dentist like Eggleston Dental Care, you have nothing to worry about it. The Turlock dental office offers sedation dentistry. Patients are provided with a sedative prior to their appointment to help them relax and feel comfortable. This safe and effective method does not require IV needles and only involves swallowing two small capsules.

Whiter Smiles

As part of a summertime visit, you will have a cleaning done at your dentist’s office. During a cleaning, a dentist uses special tools to get rid of tartar and plaque. After tartar and plaque are removed with a scaling tool, the teeth are polished. A special paste is used to polish the teeth and remove any surface stains. When you leave, you will likely see a visible difference in your smile.

Although cleanings help whiten the teeth, dentists like Eggleston Dental Care can provide professional whitening services. Dental whitening services offer dramatic results and can be completed in less than an hour. In-office whitening may brighten smiles as much as 10 shades after a single application. Another option to fix your smile over the summer is asking your dentist about porcelain veneers. During the procedure, a thin layer of porcelain is bonded to damage or discolored teeth. After a few short visits, you will leave the dentist with a brand-new smile.

Good Feelings

Going to the dentist in the summer will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Many dread going to the dentist, but once you are done with your visit, you will realize there was noting to worry about. You can rest assured your teeth and gums are healthy. Your smile will look brighter and whiter after a dental cleaning.

Dental visits also remind you of the importance of good hygiene practices. After your visit, you will be more likely to start up good tooth brushing and flossing practices. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Flossing daily helps remove any cavity-causing food particles stuck between the teeth. After your dentist visit, the provider may make recommendations about certain products that will improve your oral health. For instance, some individuals with sensitive teeth can benefit from toothpastes that alleviate discomfort and protect enamel.

Make your summertime appointment with the caring and professional team at Eggleston Dental Care. Our Turlock office is designed to help you relax during your appointment. With soft music, warm blankets, and comfortable pillows, you will stay comfortable throughout any treatments. Call today to learn about our practice and what we could do for you.

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