When undergoing a large dental procedure, it’s common to need a dental crown afterward. But that’s not the only time you might need a dental crown. Many of our patients are curious about when dental crowns become a necessity because of their high cost. At Eggleston Dental Care, we do everything in our power to help keep our patient’s teeth healthy so they don’t need expensive dental treatments in their future like dental crowns, however, that’s not always the case. Find out when a dental crown is needed and how you can receive same day crowns at our Turlock dental office.

Dental Crowns are Needed to Replace a Missing Tooth

One of the top reasons a patient might need a dental crown is to replace a missing tooth. Once your tooth is lost, you need to find a replacement. Among our different replacement options, we highly recommend patients opt for dental implants with a dental crown attached to it. Dental crowns not only help replace the function of your teeth so that you can eat and speak clearly, but they also replace that missing tooth in your smile. This allows you to smile without covering your teeth.

Dental Crowns are Needed to Cover Large Fillings

In some cases, patients of ours in Turlock may have had several cavities in the same tooth. This can result in several large fillings in their tooth. Fillings don’t last forever and if one falls out, your tooth faces the possibility of coming into contact with harmful bacteria. You can protect your tooth from further damage by opting for a dental crown. The dental crown is placed over your tooth to protect your fillings and the inside of your tooth form more damage.

Dental Crowns are Needed to Restore Broken Cusps

It’s common for teeth to wear down over time whether due to tooth grinding or clenching your teeth or a large cavity, a dental crown can completely restore this top portion of your teeth. Restoring it can ensure that you don’t have an uneven bite and that your teeth are protected and look great.

Dental Crowns Are Needed to Restore Worn Teeth

One of the top reasons our Turlock patients need a dental crown is to restore their worn teeth. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, also known as bruxism, this can wear down your teeth. It’s also common for people to do these habits during the day when they are stressed. Over time, your teeth can be worn down to just nubs. When this happens, you will need dental crowns to protect your teeth from further damage or before they just crumble and fall out. We recommend taking action with your habits before your teeth reach this point. A night guard worn every night can save your teeth from needing expensive dental crowns. However, if your teeth have become worn after years of untreated bruxism, dental crowns can help restore them to what they once were.

When you have worn teeth, this can lead to having an uneven bite which can result in further dental problems like TMJ. TMJ can cause severe pain in your jaw and make eating an unpleasant experience. Receive help for your worn down teeth before they cause further problems in your dental health.

Dental Crowns are Needed to Fix the Appearance of Teeth

Whether it’s due to excessive damage from cavities or physical damage from bruxism or a horrific accident, dental crowns can be used to fix the appearance of teeth. It’s common for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth to use dental crowns to change the shape and color of their existing teeth. For example, those with a gummy smile can opt for dental crowns to make their teeth look longer and therefore fix their gummy smile.

There are also patients out there who don’t respond to teeth whitening treatments. These patients are great candidates for dental crowns. Dental crowns do not stain and can maintain their color through all staining foods, drinks and unhealthy habits like smoking. If you have damaged teeth that also need help with their appearance, dental crowns are a good choice for you. Dental crowns can last for the rest of your life as long as you take proper care of them. They won’t get cavities, stains or other problems. They protect your teeth from additional damage and can help you achieve a more beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns are Needed After a Root Canal

When you undergo a root canal procedure, your dentist will need to give you a very large filling to seal the large hole they drilled. Under this circumstance, we recommend patients receive a dental crown following their root canal procedure. This is to give your tooth an extra layer of protection so that it doesn’t incur any more damage. Root canals can save your tooth from being extracted, but if you choose not to receive a dental crown afterward, you face the risk of your tooth becoming infected and falling out.

Dental Crowns Are Needed for Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Some patients in Turlock might experience cracked tooth syndrome which is a condition that patients have where the inside of their teeth are cracked. It might cause pain when it’s chewed on in a certain way. When the cracks are chewed on, stress occurs. From there the tooth might become fractured and split apart. A patient can receive a dental crown to protect the tooth from cracking and splitting apart. This will also help relieve any present pain.

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