If you’re considering porcelain veneers to transform your smile, look no further than Eggleston Dental Care in Turlock, CA. Our cosmetic dentist has years of experience giving patients beautiful smiles with help from porcelain veneers. Don’t just visit any old ordinary dentist for your porcelain veneers treatment, see a cosmetic dentist. Find out why you should visit a veneers dentist in Turlock today.

Your Veneers Dentist in Turlock Can Transform Your Smile

One of the top reasons you should visit a veneers dentist in Turlock is so that he can help you transform your smile into one you love. Porcelain veneers can do so many things for your teeth. If you’re unhappy with your smile, porcelain veneers might be the answer you’ve been looking for. During a consultation with our cosmetic dentist at Eggleston Dental Care, our dentist will sit down with you to discuss your likes and dislikes about your smile. From there he will give you all of the options that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. More often than not, porcelain veneers can combine a teeth whitening, braces and bonding into one simple and long-lasting procedure.

There’s only one way to find out if veneers are the solution for your smile. Get in touch with our dental office to schedule a consultation so you can see what your smile will look like after receiving a porcelain veneers treatment.

Veneers Can Whiten Your Smile

If you find yourself whitening your teeth often or finding you just can’t get them white enough, you might want to consider porcelain veneers. One of the most appealing aspects of porcelain veneers is that they can’t stain. In addition, whatever color you get your veneers will be the color they continue to be for the next ten years. You never have to worry about visiting your dentist for whitening treatments or drinking your coffee through a straw to maintain your white smile. If one of the things you dislike about your smile is how yellowed or stained it is, you can benefit from porcelain veneers. A whiter smile is the perfect reason to visit our veneers dentist in Turlock today.

Your Teeth Can Be Reshaped With Dental Veneers

Teeth come in all different shapes and sizes, while some people lose the shape of their teeth due to damage. Whatever the reason is that your teeth are shaped without symmetry, or they’re too big or too small for your face, our cosmetic dentist can help you reshape your teeth with veneers. Dental veneers can help patients who have gummy smiles or smiles that are uneven. The thin porcelain shells are placed over your existing teeth to give them a brand new shape that matches your facial features. This is all done with minimal prep so you don’t have to worry about sitting in the dental chair for hours on end.

Your Veneers Dentist in Turlock Can Fix Cracks or Chips in Your Smile

Not only can veneers give you perfectly shaped and whitened teeth, but they can actually restore your teeth that have chips or cracks in them. This can save you from needing expensive dental crowns. The veneers are placed over the front of your teeth so they can hide basically any flaw that is on the front of your teeth. Your only other option for chips or cracks is dental bonding which lasts only a year or two or dental crowns which last for life but can be quite expensive. Dental veneers require minimal prep to give you a perfect smile that functions well.

Veneers Can Be an Alternative to Braces

Not only can dental veneers reshape and whiten your teeth, but they can act as an alternative to braces. For example, if you have gaps or minor crookedness in your smile, our veneers dentist in Turlock can design your dental veneers to cover these gaps or mask your crooked teeth. This can save you from a painful and lengthy orthodontic treatment. Skip a couple of years of braces and instead opt for instant aesthetic results with dental veneers.

Dental Veneers Can Be an Alternative to Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most expensive restorative dentistry treatments out there. Many patients would rather walk around with broken or cracked teeth than opt for dental crowns due to their cost. As a more cost-effective alternative, you can actually use dental veneers for a lot of the same things you can use dental crowns for. This means cracks and chips can be hidden and possibly even broken teeth. The options are endless with porcelain veneers. Talk to your dentist if you need a dental crown to see if you can have a porcelain veneer instead.

Dental Veneers Last Long

Think of everything you dislike about your smile, how many dental procedures would it require to fix it to perfection? Some patients would require braces, teeth whitening and even dental bonding to give themselves a perfect smile. Unfortunately, none of these give permanent results. Braces require the patient to wear a retainer consistently to maintain their smile which many people end up not doing. Teeth whitening always requires touchups every year or so and dental bonding only last up to two years. When you opt for dental veneers, you’re looking at about 10 years of perfect teeth. This means you don’t have to continuously visit your cosmetic dentist for a perfect smile. It’s most likely more cost-effective as well. Discuss your different options with your dentist.

Your Dental Veneers Dentist in Turlock Can Give You a Perfect Smile

If you’re ready to wear a perfect smile, it’s time you visit your dental veneers dentist in Turlock for a porcelain veneers consultation. Our dentist is happy to meet with you to discuss the different options available that will give you the smile you have always wanted. To schedule a consultation at our Turlock dental office, give us a call or fill out our online form.

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