Many people who gaze into the mirror are not happy with the appearance of their smile. Even though they might have straight teeth and no serious issues with their teeth, they are displeased with the color of the smile. Over time, the teeth develop stains and they start to yellow. This is disheartening to many, and they want to have a nice bright white smile that they can show off proudly. Teeth whitening might be a good option. Read on and discover some of the teeth whitening FAQs to see if it is something you might want to try.

Are Over the Counter Options a Good Idea?

You might have noticed that the grocery store and the drugstore have quite a few products on the shelves that promise they can whiten your teeth. However, before you start to spend money on these products, know that they are not regulated by the FDA and they are not approved by the American Dental Association. These products are generally not very effective and are a waste of money compared with professional treatment.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

The procedure for whitening your teeth with the help of a professional is very easy. It will generally take two visits. During the first visit, they will take impressions of your teeth and create a mold. They will use this mold to create the clear plastic trays that you will need for the procedure. The dentist can then provide you with a take home kit when the trays are ready. In addition, many dentists offer teeth whitening services right in the office.

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

This is a very common question, and the answer is no. However, when you cut back on staining drinks, such as coffee, tea, and soda, you can help the effects to last longer. Eventually, you will need to have follow-up treatments, though.

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