While it may seem obvious what teeth whitening is about, there are several facts about the simple procedure that you may not know. Our dentist in Turlock wants to update you on the best teeth whitening facts to help you understand how this cosmetic dentistry procedure can be very beneficial for your health and your smile. If you are interested in shining your pearly whites and flashing a new and beautiful smile, read on to see how this tooth whitening process really works.

Tooth Whitening Is Painless

Some patients are afraid that the tooth whitening process can be painful, but this is simply not the case. Our Turlock dentists can reassure you that tooth whitening is quite painless. There are some reports of sensitivity for a short amount of time after the procedure, but it is simply recommended to stay away from hot or cold foods until the sensitivity subsides.

Tooth Whitening Removes Stains

Are your teeth permanently yellowed from consuming a lot of coffee or dark foods? That’s what tooth whitening is for. The simple procedure uses a UV light to remove stains and keep your teeth looking as white as ever.

Tooth Whitening Does Not Work on Veneers

If you have had other forms of cosmetic dentistry performed on your teeth, you should be aware that tooth whitening cannot work on them. Caps and veneers are another method of repairing broken and stained teeth, and can get the job done just as effectively as tooth whitening.

Tooth Whitening Lasts

Another concern that our Turlock patients have is whether tooth whitening lasts a long time. While there are several misconceptions that the effect goes away after a short time, the procedure can actually last for up to two years. This is one of our favorite teeth whitening facts!

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