When it comes to visiting the dentist if you have any fear of the dentist, dental anxiety or find sitting at the dentist to be uncomfortable or difficult in any way, odds are, you will do everything in your power not to visit the dentist. We feel sad that some patients feel this way and want them to know that there is nothing to worry about when they visit Eggleston Dental Care. Although our word probably doesn’t persuade you to visit us, we want you to know that we have a certain treatment available that might make your visits more pleasant. At our dental office in Turlock, we make sedation dentistry available as an option for those patients who might feel any anxiety or hesitation before their procedures, or those who need to relax in order to make it through their appointment. We recommend that before you decide not to visit us for your dental problems that you first consider sedation dentistry.

Sit Still During Appointments

You should definitely consider sedation dentistry if you struggle to sit still during appointments. Some patients struggle to sit still because they have a certain mental or physical disorder that makes it difficult, while others might be in a good amount of pain that makes sitting for long periods of time hard on their body. With our sedation dentistry treatment, prior to your appointment, we will have you take a prescribed pill. By the time your appointment begins, you will feel completely relaxed and ready to sit for a long period of time without getting uncomfortable. Some of our patients even find that they drift off to sleep. Oral conscious sedation will make you completely aware of what’s going on, so you don’t have to worry that something might happen to you.

Time Passes Quickly

Another reason we recommend patients to consider sedation dentistry if they suffer from dental anxiety is that it can help the time pass faster. This is beneficial to those who find it hard to cope with their anxiety. Without medicine, every second can feel like hours when you’re suffering from anxiety. With our oral sedation, you will feel so relaxed that your appointment will just fly by. This means you won’t feel like you spent 10 hours sitting in numbing anxiety and instead will feel like you just took a nap in a comfortable chair. In addition, since you will feel relaxed, our dentist will be able to work faster because you aren’t interrupting him. This will make your appointment go by even faster!

Eliminate Gag Reflex

Some of the patients that avoid visiting the dentist have over sensitive gag reflexes. This means that when we go in their mouths for their dental exams or go too far back, this will trigger their gag reflex. This can cause them to feel embarrassed or even throw up during their appointment. This can be an unpleasant feeling and definitely make patients not want to come in for a dental appointment in Turlock. Fortunately, when patients choose to consider sedation dentistry, their gag reflex can be eliminated during the duration of the treatment. The oral conscious sedation allows not only your body and brain to relax but also your gag reflex. This means you won’t feel the need to gag every time we enter your mouth.

Receive Multiple Treatments in One Visit

When you suffer from dental anxiety or find it difficult to spend more than an hour sitting in the dental chair, this can force you to have to visit us multiple times instead of just having all of your treatments completed in one visit. This, as a result, costs you lots of precious time. If we told you that you can have all of your treatments completed in one visit while feeling relaxed, would you believe us? With sedation dentistry, you will feel relaxed for hours and our dentist will be able to quickly go in your mouth to complete all of the necessary procedures you need without forcing you to return multiple times.

Overcome Fear of the Dentist

After you have visited us several times while using sedation dentistry, you will slowly start to find that you don’t want to skip your dentist appointments because they are not as scary anymore or that you actually find them enjoyable! In addition, you might now know that your appointments can be a comfortable and inviting experience. After a time, you might not even feel the need to use sedation dentistry. We hope that not only our sedation dentistry helps change the way you think about visiting the dentist, but that our staff helps you feel welcome and comfortable throughout your appointment. Please let us know if there is any additional help we can provide you to make your experience better.

Improve Dental Health

The last and most important reason you should consider sedation dentistry is because your dental health will improve! You will no longer put off dental appointments. Instead, you will feel comfortable enough to make a visit with us every 6 months for your preventive dentistry treatments and dental exams. From that point forward we will be able to catch problems before they grow into huge problems that require lengthy treatments. This will help improve your dental health and your life!

Experience Sedation Dentistry in Turlock Today

Sedation dentistry can be a life-changing experience for many of our patients, especially the ones who haven’t been to the dentist in over a decade because of their fear of the dentist from past experience or the discomfort in their life. If any of the above reasons felt relevant to you, we suggest you give us a call to try out your first dental appointment with the assistance of sedation dentistry. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule your next appointment. If you need more reasons to consider sedation dentistry, give us a call at our Turlock dentist office and we will explain more benefits to you.

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