While one of the most common of all porcelain veneers FAQs happens to be “what are porcelain veneers?” there are many other issues to be addressed before choosing veneers as your cosmetic dentistry solution. At Eggleston Dental Care in Turlock, CA we offer a porcelain veneers specialist, and want to be sure our patients have all their questions and concerns answered before they make their decisions in cosmetic dentistry. To ensure that, we offer the answers to the most common questions.

Are dental veneers and porcelain veneers different?

This is one of the most common porcelain veneers FAQs and the simple answer is “yes”. There are different materials in use, but the most common dental veneers are the ultra-durable porcelain kind.

So, just what are dental veneers?

As your preferred dentist in Turlock, we will recommend veneers to you for a long list of reasons. They can include unevenly sized teeth, misaligned teeth, teeth damaged by chips or cracks, deeply discolored teeth that cannot be whitened, and even for gummy smiles. They are thin shells custom made to be fitted over your teeth and to then mask the cosmetic issues beneath.

They are made by our skilled cosmetic dentist who will have the treatment done in two visits.

Do Veneers Hurt?

This is another of the big porcelain veneers FAQs, but what we think people mean is does the treatment hurt. The veneers themselves are never painful, and the treatment done to the teeth to make room for the veneers (a small amount of enamel is removed) is painless. You may have to get used to the veneers when first bonded to the teeth, but this is not painful.

Why Are Veneers Called Instant Smile Makeovers?

This is because they can address so many issues and can be done in as little as two office visits. They are a permanent solution because they require your teeth to be altered, but many people choose veneers for their durability, good looks and even affordability over other solutions.

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